About Us

Welcome to our blog!

We are two Bulgarian sisters. We’re young, we travel quite a lot (though not full-time, unfortunately) and we like exploring new places, people, cultures and ideas. We may not be wild and nomadic enough to call ourselves adventurers, but in each journey (real or metaphorical), we find a certain thrill, an obstacle to surmount or a valuable lesson to learn…thus the name Almost Adventures.

True, we don’t have those cool backpacks and we’ve never actually hitch-hiked, but if you want to read about our travels to new places, where we sometimes blend in with locals and in others – turn into shameless tourists, that is what you could expect: our most memorable experiences and our genuine impressions. Also, a lot of hit-or-miss unabashed sarcasm, don’t say you weren’t warned.

While traveling is the primary focus of our writings, we also occasionally tackle social issues, write about culture and lifestyle, writing book and movie reviews or just any topic that we think may be worth of your attention. We are always interested in your opinions and suggestions in the comment section, so feel free to share your feedback with us.

So, if you feel like reading our articles, all we could say is – enjoy. Finally, here’s a little bit more about us:



Hi there! I’m Nancy and you can think of me as your big sister/spiritual guide in crucial matters, such as how to enjoy a trip to Saint Petersburg despite your pants freezing off or what is the best price-to-quality ratio in the 5-euro section for French wines. Born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria, I now live, work and study in beautiful Paris. My previous temporary homes include the French wine and mustard-obsessed town of Dijon and Russia’s fascinating capital, Moscow.

Currently pursuing a master’s degree in Media and Communications, when not traveling, you can catch me in a café somewhere in the 11th district of Paris, studying, writing articles in three different languages and “doing digital marketing stuff”. Fine, I lied, you’re most likely to find me in my tiny Paris studio binge watching Netflix shows. There you have it, now you know everything about me!




I’m Krisi, 18, and I’m in my last year of a math high school in Sofia (hint: I’m not good at math). After graduating from hell I plan to study politics in France, drink wine and communicate with French people in my utterly broken French. Basically, I’m just another westernized Balkan person.

Although I haven’t actually lived anywhere else except Sofia,I’ve traveled quite a lot, making the most out of having a sister who lives abroad, exploiting Erasmus+ programs and generally EU money (#DiscoverEU). My hobbies include reading, making unnecessary lists, highlighting everything and constantly complaining about the Bulgarian education system. I also love Sofia’s hipster overpriced cafes, bars and handmade shops, but also hookah and my grandma’s cooking – cuz’ I’m a Balkan person. Love you, bye.