Self-care during the apocalypse? My quarantine resolutions

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Dear readers, friends, people who did not confess their crush to me while the apocalypse still hadn’t reached France forcing me to flee to the homeland, and mom, I hope this blog post finds you well. As I am writing this from the comfort of my old room in Sofia, trying not to think whether I turned off the heating in my studio back in France or how much laundry I left behind about 2 weeks ago, it remains my utmost honor to share with you my thoughts and wisdom regarding the zombie apocalypse period of self-isolation.

Initial WTF?

My university, alongside many others around the world, abruptly closed after somewhat ignoring the Covid-19 threat for weeks. The terrible news, although the measures were necessary, left me in a bizarre emotional state, as I imagine it did with many others. I’m not going to pretend that I find this pattern of behavior unfamiliar though, as ignoring my problems until they’re literally beyond my control and I have no idea what to do is one of my few personality traits. The others are being aggressively Bulgarian and aggressively Cancer, which is more or less all the same thing. However, I have been trying to find some positivity in the situation and I decided to share with you guys how I’m dealing with the extremities of uncertainty, which is how I view this whole period.

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It’s normal yet still suckish for me to say this, but in the context of a global pandemic that is literally costing lives, I still can’t help but feel personally robbed of my university experience, of seeing my friends, of going to the few classes I liked this semester, and of a bunch of other things I’m giving value to only now. I know, I know – my social life is not the world’s biggest issue, but being sad about how the situation affects you is only human.

Kidding, staying home is a privilege.


What now? The new routine

However, I told myself that all I can do right now is strictly stay at home during the recommended period, continue physical distancing after, and find my balance of being in a good mental state and staying serious when it comes to academics, which is admittedly harder when nobody is forcing you to go to classes. And ambitiously enough, I told myself I will find time for the things I always want to do, but “just don’t have time for”, like reading more books, watching critically acclaimed French films and working out, for instance.

It does sound very new-years-resolution-y, but despite this context being one of a global health crisis, I usually enjoy those moments just before you start something new and you immerse yourself into good habits, motivation and a bit of naivité. 

I know myself though, and I know how easy and human it is to pass your days watching Netflix, the YouTube as Senator Sanders calls it, or simply by doing nothing. And I also know that I feel bad about myself after. The thing is I don’t want to get stuck in that, but I also don’t want to get stuck in an unrealistic productivity routine that I’ll end up abandoning after a week. After all, this change might last for a pretty long time. I already haven’t left my apartment for 15 days and although I don’t think I’m doing that bad for the time being, I realized I really want to establish a better routine. 

Again, I don’t want to be unrealistic, and despite my new-years-resolution-y vibe I actually don’t really agree with the idea that this time should be seen as the ultimate opportunity for self-growth in the cheesy millennial sense, which presupposes 2 face masks a day, meditation, jogging, and lemon water. If you can afford that lifestyle, there’s obviously nothing wrong with any of the above, but they also don’t equal the bettering of the self. I am conflicted also because, yes, the crisis will pass sooner or later and after, life goes on so there is a point in working on yourself, but so long as it doesn’t make us forget that the Covid-19 crisis is affecting hundreds of thousands of people’s health and millions of people’s capacity to sustain their families, it is not just about us having a second shot at our new year’s goals.

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And still. New Crisis New Me

Without further ado, here is my plan of action that I decided to share here in order to push myself to actually stick to my commitments, and who knows, if somebody was trying to do something of the kind, maybe get inspired. 

Community work
  1. I want to commit to calling my grandparents and older relatives once every two days to keep them company. 
  2. I will work on finding ways to do community work for Bulgarians remotely – I’ll update you when I figure out the details so that other people can join! 
  3. I’ll also continue to text or phone bank for the Bernie 2020 campaign. I won’t commit to how many times per week because sometimes there aren’t enough tasks for all the volunteers. #NotMeUs
  1. I’m going to start eating healthy and in normal portions because lowkey that has not been the case since I came back… I’ll take pictures of my meals in order to keep myself accountable, but with the clear idea that I am in no way in the financial position to make instagrammable healthy meals with avocado, smoked salmon and hummus, and snack with sea salt almonds. We’ll do with what we have. She is flexible.

    A representation of the average meal at the Kolevi’s. Not Insta material.
  2. I’ll work out for at least 15 minutes 5 days per week to keep moving, and work out seriously for one hour at least once a week.

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Intellectual stimulation so I don’t become a dum dum 
  1. I’ll read at least 30 minutes of non-school books every day. 
  2. I will leave my phone in another room and close my Safari windows when I have Zoom classes because otherwise I get distracted and the time passes even more slowly. 
Social media and TV Shows 
  1. I’ll try to stay on Instagram for not more than 1 hour a day. 
  2. I’ll limit my Netflix intake to 9 hours a week. It ain’t much but it honest work.

10 Life Lessons We Learned From Sex and the City

Spending time with friendos
  1.  Here, I can’t make precise quantitative goals because it depends on my friends being free and wanting to talk to me… But let’s say I want to force 3 of them into facetiming me once a week. 

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Thanks for listening to my TED talk. 

Those are my current resolutions in order to normalize a healthy routine and make the physical distancing easier so we come out of this stronger and not fatter! I know my Balkan mom wouldn’t agree, but I dare say that establishing a routine you enjoy just might be more useful than putting AN ONION in every room of the apartment to absorb viruses. There I said it. 

Lastly, that is something I’ve never done on this blog, but I hereby say that I will be posting updates about my fabulous quarantine life, hopefully, daily. That’s right ya girl is a real blogger now.

See ya tomorrow when I’m a new person!