NИYA – the Bulgarian Artist You Want to Hear

First things first – in 2019 we’ve decided to talk not only about our travel experiences, but focus a little bit more on lifestyle and pretty much everything we consider to be worthwhile and potentially appealing – from book reviews, zero waste tips all the way to interviewing new hip artists… That said, may I present you Niya Petrova (NИYA) – the winner of The Voice of Bulgaria 2018 who just announced her first single “By myself”. In fact, I met her 2 years ago when she was singing at a friend’s prom and since then it turns out she has adopted the ‘why not’ mentality, which led her to auditioning and eventually winning The Voice! 

What’s her style? Well, the way she put it: “I would describe it as constantly changing. I get hooked on different genres depending on my current mood. These days though I feels it more like soul. “


“I get inspired by everything – starting from people, places, my travels, my work. I believe everything around us can be inspiring in the most amazing ways, if we only give it a chance.”

She told me that she’s happy to draw inspiration from her work as well. Apart from singing in bars since she was about 17, Niya works for two charity organisations – “Probudnik”, which focuses on supporting kids in risk, and “Single Step” – a well-know non-profit supporting the LGBT youth in Bulgaria. Inspiring, ain’t she? 

Her debut song “By myself” was shot in Jordan and isn’t the typical song produced for a commercial singing competition winner. Unlike many mainstream pop pieces, Niya’s single is authentic, enchanting and quite fresh, I would say. 


“There hasn’t been a moment when I felt some kind of pressure to change who I am thanks to all the people around me. They were the ones who always supported me to be myself. Not staying true to my style and what I envision is not an option. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be real.”

That’s what she told me when I asked her about how she managed to stay true to herself… For Niya it seems unquestionable (and that’s how it should be), but most listeners who have encountered Bulgarian pop would understand my genuine appreciation of her rare wilfulness. She’s precisely the type of Bulgarian artist I would brag about to international friends and readers.

With “By myself” she wanted to show “what and how exactly goes through my mind at the time being” and somehow it just worked.


“It’s great to see how the casual humming of a melody, some words written down and some thought put into from great musicians, transforms into a song.”

When I asked her what does she think should be next, she said “Only good things are coming! I hope to sing more original pieces and even dare to write herself, as well as more performances and… more from everything let’s put it that way!”

All and all, Niya is the type of person we need in the Bulgarian music scene! So, go listen to her new song and The Voice performances 😉